What a gorgeous space to exhibit your lovely paintings in!

June N.

This was my first art exhibition and what I really appreciated was so many people loving the paintings and one person said “Oh this feels so good in here – and she took a deep breath and then she said she been to the other beach houses which felt differently and here it felt good!” Yay, God!

Another two people said they went to an amazing Astrup Fearnly museum exhibition and the colors were so depressing so they felt quickened and happy when they came in here to all the colours!

Some other people found women, angels and other warriors in my paintings. This is what we can call an experience more than an exhibition. I will continue with my happy colours and healing art as well as my health practice. Colours and creativity is a great way to heal the brain and the soul. Joy. always has colors. – I’m all about sound, colours and frequencies and prophetic art.

— Vanessa Raphael